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Progetto Integra


Progetto INTEGRA:

  • can manage any equipment, any feeder (old or new) of any manufacturer (main brands archives are included in the software)
  • The designer can set all the parameters in accordance with plant requirements under constant supervision and in full compliance with the regulations in force.
  • is the only software that can simulate the functioning of the entire plant, as great as that may be, in real time, so that the designer can verify the consequences of any change on the overall project.
  • In the program there are functions as the Back-up control, the voltage drops distribution, the automatic power balancing, the automatic project, the automatic estimation and all search and modify functions to operate timely and precisely.


Progetto INTEGRA:

  • manages the estimated bills and costs in line with the project or independently of it, according to needs and the phases of work.
  • With Progetto INTEGRA the designer can print fully automatically all the documents required by current regulations, with the possibility to customize them on the basis of his needs and preferences;
  • Once the last value has been set, the software is ready to produce all the documents totally resetting realization and print times.


Progetto INTEGRA:

  • has its own intern equipment’s archive, but the user can freely add all the required data to verify other equipment and cables
  • The program can re-design an entire plant keeping only satisfactory equipment and it manages bus bars, particular feeders, lighting circuits, distribution circuits, rephasing plants, motors.

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