EXEL - Software Progettazione Impianti Elettrici e Fotovoltaici








Electrical System – Low Voltage

It is a module for the management of TT, TN-S, TN-C, IT wiring systems, with possibility of managing UPS systems, Generators in network commutation mode and Co-generators in parallel with the grid.

  • Calculation for the plant design, check, and coordination of conductors and protection devices in accordance with main Standards, as IEC 60364 (CEI 64-8), IEC 60900 (CEI 11-25, CEI 11-28) etc… Check of the switchboard internal over-temperature.
  • Archive management (Data Base) of protection devices, cables, accessories, metal enclosures, transformers and bus-bar. The internal database is completely open: the user can add, modify and implement technical and economic data.
  • Progetto Integra shows economic data for all equipment in the electrical system (protection devices, cables, metal enclosures etc.). Data are displayed Project, Power supply, switchboard and Outgoing-feeder, with real time updates of the overall costs of the plant. The user can easily assess economic differences making a brand change.
  • Calculation of the harmonic thermal effect on conductors based on current harmonic distortion (THDI %) and its corresponding corrective K for the capacities (IEC 60364-5-52). Assessment of indirect contacts protection with calculated and/or measured fault impedance, and touch voltage calculation.
  • Finished project automatic analysis, useful to highlight system deficiencies and to provide technical-regulatory suggestions.
  • Realization and printing of calculation tables and check in Excel format, with the possibility to customize documents with desired formats and calculation variables.



This module allows the user to automatically realize the composition of switchboards metal enclosures, completed with all internal accessories. It can produce the front panel graphic representation for all the major manufacturers. The bill of materials of metal enclosure is currently available only for Siemens materials and components.


Data Base

It is a module for the management of Price lists and Archives containing equipment, cables, switchboards metal enclosures and accessories of all major brands, with more than 400.000 available components. It manages a series of unlimited tree structures composed of chapters and subchapters, containing prices and price analysis, completely extensible and customisable. It manages data output and reports in various formats without limits or constraints.


Single Line Drawings

Realization and automatic printing of single line drawings in dwg format, by a standard AutoCAD interface or by an internal dwg compatible engine “ExelCAD”. Printable technical data and graphic symbols are freely customizable. Realization and automatic printing of calculation and check tables in Word environment, with the possibility to customize documents with desired formats and calculation variables.


Internal Graphic engine - ExelCAD

It allows the generation, opening, saving and printing of dwg files. It is compatible with dwg files of AutoCAD latest versions, it allows the automatic printing of previously created dwg files, the assembly of different dwg in one single file and the multiple layouts management.




Computation and estimation

Module for cost estimates management, estimative metric calculation, estimates, and applications with reference to a linked Data base. Direct printing, printing on data files in ASCII format, in “RTF” format, in “MS Word” format, in “MS Excel” format.


Customer component

It realizes the Customers and Jobs management and it produces related documents.


CAD drawings

It allows the reading and the analysis of files in dwg format. It can produce, as a result of the association between blocks and one or more data bases, an automatic metric calculation relating to analyzed drawings.


Medium Voltage – Photovoltaic –SPD Dimensioning

Option module for design, check, coordination of conductors and protection devices in Medium Voltage wiring according to current regulations. Possibility of checking the coordination of MV/LV protections.
Printing of MV single line drawings, with transformer data.
Printing of protections tripping curves coordination, with limits imposed by the Power distribution company.
Dimensioning of photovoltaic plants (automatic choice of possible combinations between photovoltaic panels and e inverter, string number dimensioning, coordination of protections and feeders in direct current)