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Electrical Design

This module is the heart of the software and includes the following components:

  • Electrical System – Low Voltage
  • Switchboards
  • Data Base
  • Single Line Drawings
  • Internal Graphic engine - ExelCAD

Through a series of commands such as copy, cut, paste and other advanced functions of the program (such as the table editor) the user can quickly make the schematic of the entire plant, can enter the different types of loads characterized by means of the powers, lengths and poses of the conduits and all the data necessary for proper design. This module functions as a powerful calculator that can keep track of all the electrical parameters of the project in real time and allows the user to simulate the operation of the plant in different situations of use.

Medium Voltage

The MV optional module allows to perform the following operations:

  • Calculations for the design, verification, coordination of conductors and protection devices relating to medium voltage according with the regulations in force and to the CEI 0-16 standard. Possibility of checking the coordination of MV / LV protections.
  • MV / MV plant management
  • Printing of medium voltage single-line diagrams with indication of transformer data.
  • This module is directly managed through the Electrical Plant component.


The PV optional module allows to perform the following operations:

  • Sizing of photovoltaic systems (automatic choice of the possible combinations between photovoltaic panels and inverters, sizing of the number of strings, coordination of protections and direct current conduits)
  • Ability to create customized databases of photovoltaic panels and photovoltaic inverters up to 12 MPPT

Surge Protective Device

The optional SPD module allows the following operations:

Sizing and verification of class I, II and I + II surge arrestors (SPD), according to the CEI EN 62305 standard, with calculation of the maximum protected lengths of the conductors leaving the switchboards, with or without the presence of a LPS on the structure to be to protect.

Direct Current

The DC optional module allows the following operations:

Sizing and coordination between protection devices and direct current lines as a DC supply and also as an AC / DC converter.

Arc Flash

The new optional ARC FLASH module allows the following operations:

Analysis to classify the working distances under voltage of the switchboard, with the possibility of analyzing all the starting points of the switchboard to define the most onerous situation and classify the switchboard according to the levels established in the IEEE 1584-2018 standard.

Allows the printing of labels to be affixed on the switchboard for the purposes of assessing the risk of electric arc and highlighting the DPI to be used during the maintenance operations under voltage.


The new optional KNX module allows the following operations:

Management of KNX systems, with definition of backbone, areas and lines, with automatic addressing including power supplies, couplers and actuators, with the possibility of automatic or manual assignment of channels to be used on the electrical system.

Computation and estimation

The optional Module allows the management of printouts related to the economic data of the following components:

Customer component

It manages cost estimates, estimative metric calculation,  applications with reference to a linked Data base.  Direct printing: generation of data files in ASCII format, in “RTF” format, in “MS Word” format, in “MS Excel” format

CAD drawings

It allows the reading and the analysis of files in dwg format. It can produce, as a result of the association between blocks and one or more data bases, an automatic metric calculation relating to analyzed drawings.

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