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Order Progetto Integra TimEDition


The TimEDition subscription allows you to use Progetto INTEGRA when you want:

initially you can rent the software for at least three months,

then, you can renew the license when and for how long you prefer, even monthly.


You can choose between two options of Progetto INTEGRA TimEDition:

 Progetto INTEGRA TimEDition BASIC

Progetto INTEGRA TimEDition COMPLETE (including MV, PV, SPD,DC, KNX, ARC FLASH and Computation modules)


The TimEDition subscription includes the Online Technical Assistance and Updates services:

- Opening a ticket from the support section of the software. The Technical staff is available every weekday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

- Possibility to download via Internet the software and the materials archives updates


General Conditions


Payment: Prepayment by bank transfer or Credit card

Assistance: As described above

Delivery: When your payment has been received, we will email you the link to download the software

Activation: We will email you the procedures to activate the software

Activatable workstation: 1

A second activation will be provided ONLY in case of hard disc crash or pc theft. Further activation requests will be on payment.

Transferable license: TimEdition license is transferable from one PC to another. In this way, the license can be activated and deactivated, according to users’ needs.

On the expiry of the TimEDition subscription the software can be reactivated only making another order (from 1 to 12 months). If you don’t renew the TimEDiton subscription, the software will continue to work only as VIEWER, to display and print your projects.

If you need to work on different computer stations at the same time, you can buy multiple TimEDition subscriptions.
Example: You need to work on 2 pc stations at the same time --> you buy 2 TimEDition subscriptions


PLEASE NOTE: We remind you that Progetto INTEGRA is a software made for the Italian market: equipment and regulations follow the Italian standards. Therefore, before ordering Progetto INTEGRA TIMEDITION, we suggest to try the software in the TRIAL version to verify if it really meets your needs.





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